You might gather, from the western theme, that I work on the old-time guns which would be true but, having worked for half of my gunsmithing years as the head gunsmith (actually the only gunsmith) for Hans Vang of Vang Comp Systems building shotguns for police and military, I have worked on many firearm platforms as well as having worked on the guns of nearly every instructor at the well-known Gunsite Academy in nearby Paulden, AZ. I work on all the cowboy action guns as well as your 1911 pistol for "The Wild Bunch" matches. Although a good 50% of my customers are SASS shooters, I can - and am happy to work on - virtually any firearm. Encompassing those years as a gunsmith I've also been a machinist for 42 years. I earned my Associate in Arts Degree in Gunsmithing from Yavapai College in Prescott, Arizona. I've been a member of SASS - The Single Action Shooting Society - cowboy shooting for 24 years. My alias is "Burt Mossman", SASS#1210. (Burt Mossman was the first captain of the Arizona Rangers.) I've always been a cowboy at heart and enjoy doing things...The Cowboy Way!

Saber River Gunsmithing

".......The Cowboy Way......."